Who’s Ready for Satchmi Vinyl Day 2015?

VinylDayWho’s ready for #SatchmiVinylDay2015?  We all are!

We are just a week (and a few days) away from experiencing one epic Saturday with friends, music lovers, crate diggers, and vinyl enthusiasts! A penchant for something old and something new, I can’t wait to spend my April 11 hanging out with good old friends, churning out some #SaturdayNightFeels, as we listen to great music and create new memories together.

In partnership with Jam 88.3 and ETC, I’m pretty sure Satchmi will celebrate its third Vinyl Day with pure goodness for all its followers – and for the love of music and vinyl – on April 11 (Saturday) from 3 PM ’til 12 midnight at the Bonifacio High Street Ampitheater! Third time’s the charm, so are we to expect anything new this year?

Get these! Dig through 1000 records on sale, get 20% off on new records, 30% off on vintage records, 40% off on indie records, and 20% off on Motorinos! Plus, enjoy other cool finds, treats and drinks, and of course, fresh new sounds brought to you by some of today’s relevant OPM artists, such as: Imago, BP Valenzuela, Ourselves the Elves, among many, many more!

I don’t need to show you Satchmi’s latest teaser to persuade you any further, but I’m sharing it anyway. Just ‘cos it’s cool! From Serious Studio:

And here is what we just missed last year:

And the year before that… (Too bad I missed Identikit!)

And oh, did I forget to mention the concert’s absolutely free for everyone? Yes! This is one night of vinyl and music we definitely can’t afford to miss! 

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MuteMath and Kye Kye LIVE in Manila

Kye Kye and Mutemath

If you’re not planning any out-of-town trips this Holy Week, head on to the Bonifacio High Street Ampitheater on March 31 (Tuesday) and April 5 (Easter Sunday) to catch two great artists MuteMath and Kye Kye perform LIVE, all thanks to Bonifacio High Street and Church Simplified.


MuteMath is a Grammy-nominated American alternative rock band that started in 2003, composed Paul Meany as the frontman (vocals and keyboards), Roy Mitchell-Cardenas (bass), Todd Gummerman (guitar), and Darren King (drums).

I’m particularly hooked on MuteMath’s Blood Pressure. I wonder if this, and Typical, are going to be part of their setlist on Tuesday:

Now I’ve lived through my share of misfortune and I’ve worked in the blazing sun. But how long should it take somebody before they can be someone.

Kye Kye

Meanwhile, Oregon-based quartet Kye Kye started in 2010. Fronted by singer Olga Yagolnikov, Kye Kye’s music is an infusion of indie, organic, alternative and electronic beats that make their sound such an easy listen.

Here’s a video clip of Kye Kye’s Honest Affections from the band’s second album “Fantasize”:

My heart was always made to be still to wait because you promised you’d save it.

For more deets on how you can score tickets to the concerts for FREE, visit Church Simplified and Bonifacio High Street on Facebook. #ReverbManila #ILoveBHS #CSWalkway

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11 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Have Missed Up Dharma Down’s Concert (Part 1 of 2)

“Favors in reverse. Songs are unrehearsed. When I get through this. I hope I get through you.”

11 | Eleven years of Up Dharma Down and counting.

Practically today’s most relevant and current OPM group that rose to the top of the Philippine music industry as an independent band (with a natural flair for experimental, pop, and electronic rock) since they started in 2003, Up Dharma Down (UDD) [@uddofficial] has always been about pushing the boundaries when it comes to their craft. And after so many years, the much-awaited finally surfaced last March 21, 2015 on this very stage, in a surreal kind of way.

Reverb Manila UDD Minutes before the Show
Dharma Lights x Music Museum. Beautiful stage taken minutes before the concert.

UDD’s concert titled Dharma Lights: The Illumination of Up Dharma Down’s Music at the Music Museum celebrates 11 years of their beautiful journey as Up Dharma Down. UDD is thankful for all these years they’ve stuck together, and to the Dharmalites who have supported them through and through.

10 | It’s the best eargasmic OPM concert experience ever. Ever.

Up Dharma Down's Armi Millare (Vocalist, Keyboard), Carlos Tanada (Lead Guitar). Paul Yap (Bass), and Ean ()
Up Dharma Down. Armi Millare (Vocalist, Keyboards), Carlos Tanada (Lead Guitar, Synths, Samples). Paul Yap (Bass, Synth, Backup Vocals), and Ean Mayor (Drums, Synths, Samples)

I myself had never seen UDD live until that night, so my expectations prior to the show were based on how I’ve seen them on YouTube. The first note in Turn it Well got me instantly. I knew from there on the show was going to be amazing. I don’t know how they do it, but there’s just a lot of things going on with each song, and all these elements sound so delicious altogether. I can’t fully describe what I felt about the whole UDD experience. Perhaps it’s like I’ve fallen in love again; only this time, there is no heartbreak.

9 | Armi’s sexy #LittleSortofBacklessBlackDress #OOTD.

Armi Millare and her fashion statement.
OOTD. Armi Millare rocks in a little, sort of backless, black dress, her Nord keyboard, and her cute, awkward smile.

Clad in her version of a little, sort of backless, black dress, accentuating her dope Nord keyboard even further, Armi was (and I don’t mean to sound like a perv) just so darn hot and beautiful. That night, she became my ultimate #girlcrush.

8 | So, Oo was in their set list.

“Di mo lang alam, naiisip kita. Baka sakali lang maisip mo ako.”

Everyone can relate to Oo. UDD has gained a massive, organic following ever since the single took off and became the Philippines’ national anthem for the brokenhearted #PambansangAwitngMgaSawi.

7 |  And Tadhana, too!

March 21, 2015. Up Dharma Down's first concert at the Music Museum.
Feel the Love. Dharmalites sing along to Tadhana!

“Ba’t ‘di pa sabihin ang hindi mo maamin. Ipa-uubaya na lang ba ‘to sa hangin.”

You’ve heard Tadhana featured as OST to some mainstream TV series and, very recently, that CinemaOne Originals indie movie That Thing Called Tadhana; once again proving countless times that UDD’s got hugot resonating all over the mainstream airwaves, spreading like wildfire.

Here’s an 90%-ish complete footage of Tadhana:

To be continued. Stay tuned for photos and video updates soon here and on Tumblr. Search and hashtag Reverb Manila | #ReverbManila via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

Meanwhile, for more of Up Dharma Down, their music, and their day-to-day musings, visit updharmadown.com and armimillare.com. Search @uddofficial @armimillare @carlostanada7 @eanmayor @polyap on social media.

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