MuteMath and Kye Kye LIVE in Manila

Kye Kye and Mutemath

If you’re not planning any out-of-town trips this Holy Week, head on to the Bonifacio High Street Ampitheater on March 31 (Tuesday) and April 5 (Easter Sunday) to catch two great artists MuteMath and Kye Kye perform LIVE, all thanks to Bonifacio High Street and Church Simplified.


MuteMath is a Grammy-nominated American alternative rock band that started in 2003, composed Paul Meany as the frontman (vocals and keyboards), Roy Mitchell-Cardenas (bass), Todd Gummerman (guitar), and Darren King (drums).

I’m particularly hooked on MuteMath’s Blood Pressure. I wonder if this, and Typical, are going to be part of their setlist on Tuesday:

Now I’ve lived through my share of misfortune and I’ve worked in the blazing sun. But how long should it take somebody before they can be someone.

Kye Kye

Meanwhile, Oregon-based quartet Kye Kye started in 2010. Fronted by singer Olga Yagolnikov, Kye Kye’s music is an infusion of indie, organic, alternative and electronic beats that make their sound such an easy listen.

Here’s a video clip of Kye Kye’s Honest Affections from the band’s second album “Fantasize”:

My heart was always made to be still to wait because you promised you’d save it.

For more deets on how you can score tickets to the concerts for FREE, visit Church Simplified and Bonifacio High Street on Facebook. #ReverbManila #ILoveBHS #CSWalkway

Stay tuned for photos and video updates soon here and on Tumblr. Search and hashtag Reverb Manila | #ReverbManila via Facebook,Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.


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