Crafternoons with Reverb Manila: Do-It-Yourself Easter Egg Painting Made Fun

I’ve always wanted to document my artsy impulses just because I feel that, for how many years now, my creativity doesn’t often come around whenever I want it to. Now I have the means and this website to record my progress, expect to see a lot of posts like this one I’m sharing with you today.


I eased through my Easter Sunday afternoon bonding with mom and brother bear, and this is our version of Easter Egg painting!

Before we proceed, here’s a little trivia on Easter Eggs:

Eggs connote fertility and rebirth. For Christians, right around the Easter season, Easter eggs (also called Paschal eggs) symbolize Jesus’s empty tomb. The egg is akin to the stone of a tomb, which from within emerges Jesus, who has risen from the dead. The egg  hatches to bring about life. So that is why the Easter egg is a reminder that Jesus is alive! And that every year, children and their families celebrate Easter Sunday with Easter Egg hunting.

So what did we use? Everything we can find in the house.



Scratch paper, pencil, watercolor, paint brushes, palette, cotton, water, scissors, eggs, and old newspaper

Easter-Sunday-Reverb-Manila-Eggs1. Boil the eggs to be used; layer them in a pot with cold water, and bring it to a boil.

2. It should cook for 1-2 minutes.

3. Remove the pot from the oven and let the water cool down. It should be done after 15 minutes.

4. The eggs are now ready. Get a cloth to wipe them dry.

5. Lay all your art materials on your working desk.

6. If you’re as OC as my brother, a piece of paper and pencil will come in handy if you want to sketch your design first. But trust me, you end up painting random strokes anyway since the brushes we have are not small enough to create thinner, more precise strokes. Sometimes, it’s better not to overthink it.

7. Choose your water colors and start squeezing small amounts onto your palette.

8. Make sure to have a cup of water so you can easily clean  your brushes and/or mix the colors you have chosen.

Easter-Sunday-Reverb-Manila-Used-Paint-Brushes9. Some use cotton to dab the color onto the egg. The technique is to just be creative and paint away!

10. Let the paint dry.

11. Cut strips of old newspaper to make it look like twigs. Voila, you now have a nest! (as seen in topmost image)

12. Arrange the Easter eggs the way you want them.

13. And don’t forget to take photos!







We’re giving these out to the little kids who’ll pass by the store.

Happy Easter, everyone!


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