Knowing There Will Be Only One Night with Cynthia Alexander

It was summer of 2008 when I first heard her chilling performance of Comfort in your Strangeness via YouTube.

I fell in love instantly.

But just when I’d started working and been given all the opportunity in the world to watch her perform at her usual places like Conspiracy Garden Cafe, I had my heart broken when I learned she was leaving for the US in 2012.

Three years later, I’d almost failed to catch her again after missing out on her comeback gig at the recently concluded Jack Daniel’s Philippines Indie Music Awards Night held at Whitespace Makati.


While I was tuning in for online photo and video updates on her comeback stint, OPM made an announcement that she’d be holding a solo concert at Teatrino at Promenade, Greenhills,

Cynthia Alexander

It was the intimate four-hour concert any Cynthia Alexander fan could ever wish for. I had to be there.

Here’s what went down during her concert:

Cynthia-Alexander-Reverb-Manila (22)

Cynthia-Alexander-Reverb-Manila (13)

The requests would go on and on into the night.

Alexander is an independent singer, songwriter, composer, arranger and multi-instrumentalist – making her the ultimate musician/artist to date. Her musical journey as a folk/ethnic artist was reflected in her albums, which include: Insomnia & Other Lullabyes (1997), Rippingyarns (2000), Comet’s Tail (2005) and Walk Down the Road (2009).

Cynthia-Alexander-Reverb-Manila (1)

Cynthia-Alexander-Reverb-Manila (15)

Multi-instrumental. Oh, the variety of sounds created by these instruments!

Cynthia-Alexander-Reverb-Manila (9)

Performance Art at its best. The mixed art collaborations that night were beautiful as well as inspiring.

Cynthia-Alexander-Reverb-Manila (12)

Cynthia-Alexander-Reverb-Manila (23)

Mingawon Linaw’s graceful interpretation of a Maningning Miclat/Joey Ayala composition Dumaan Ako.

Cynthia-Alexander-Reverb-Manila (21)

Cynthia-Alexander-Reverb-Manila (10)

Asha Peri fluttering by as Alexander performed Dragonfly.

Cynthia-Alexander-Reverb-Manila (8)

The energy back there was incredibly contagious.

Cynthia-Alexander-Reverb-Manila (2)

Vivian Nocum Limpin’s Filipino translation segment was awkwardly funny.

Cynthia-Alexander-Reverb-Manila (3)

And you were seriously funny.

Cynthia-Alexander-Reverb-Manila (20)

The ending involved a special participation from Razorback’s Kevin Roy.

Cynthia-Alexander-Reverb-Manila (6)

As if one song wasn’t enough, Roy and Alexander gave the audience an encore performance to remember.

Cynthia-Alexander-Reverb-Manila (19)

Cynthia-Alexander-Reverb-Manila (17)

Cynthia-Alexander-Reverb-Manila (14)

Cynthia-Alexander-Reverb-Manila (18)

Cynthia-Alexander-Reverb-Manila (16)

Kudos to the members of the band! CJ Wasu, Jonathan Urbano, Grace Bugayong, Malou Matute, and Zach Lucero

Cynthia-Alexander-Reverb-Manila (7)

Feel the Love. The audience missed her terribly.

She didn’t want to say goodbye. We didn’t want to, either. But I knew, she knew, we all knew the concert was bound end. She had one last gig at Conspiracy Garden Cafe last April 25 then went back to the US last Monday.


To the woman who continues to be an inspiration to so many artists out there.

Happiest birthday to you, Cynthia Alexander!

Thank you for sharing with us your music! Mabuhay ka!

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