‘Twas a Good Time in Manila with Owl City

If you were ever wondering where all the kids have gone last Friday night, they were all probably out with their friends at the Bonifacio High Street Ampitheater, having a crazy good time with Owl City!

Reverb-Manila-Owl-City-Concert (5)
Up All Night!

Owl City is an electronica, EDM project of singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Adam Young. Owl City gained mainstream success after its release of Ocean Eyes, with Fireflies as its carrier single. Today, we know them for their songs Deer in the Headlights, Hello SeattleGood Time, among so many others. Last May 8, the Philippines was so lucky to catch them perform at the Bonifacio High Street Ampitheatre!

Reverb Manila did not pass up on this chance to join the crazy crowd for an evening oozing with good vibes! After all, the concert was free for everyone to watch.

5 | You would not believe your eyes with this huge of a crowd.

Reverb-Manila-Owl-City-Concert (6)
Jam-packed. I’ve never seen the Bonifacio High Street ampitheatre this full. Wow! The show started at around 7:30 PM.

4 | They prepared such a generous set list.

Reverb-Manila-Owl-City-Concert (3)
Deer in the Headlights. They played Fireflies, too!

That night’s set list included: Angels, Up All Night, Dreams Don’t Turn to Dust, Dementia, Speed of Love, Beautiful Times, Cave In, Designer Skyline, Shooting Star, Kamikaze, Meteor Shower, This is the End, Sky Diver, Fireflies, Gold, Take It All Away, Deer in the Headlights, Wolf Bite, Tokyo, and Hello Seattle!

3 | We want more! So Owl City went back onstage with their cover of 99 Red Balloons.

Reverb-Manila-Owl-City-Concert (1)
99 Red Balloons. Breanne Düren and Adam Young.

2 | Owl City concluded their concert with Good Time.

“Everytime I come to the Philippines, it’s always a…GOOD TIME!”

The concert would’ve surely felt incomplete if they hadn’t finished it up with Good Time. A special appearance from Carly Rae Jepsen would’ve been too much, but Breanne did a great job singing her parts!

1 | They didn’t really say goodbye.

Reverb-Manila-Owl-City-Concert (2)
Adam Young says Owl City will be back!

So for those of you who missed it, don’t worry. Vocalist Adam Young hinted it several times during the concert, at one point even saying, “Thank you guys. We’ll see you next time. We’re all looking forward to it.” So yeah, I’m almost certain Owl City will be back.

It’s always a good time with Owl City!


Stay tuned for updates via http://www.reverbmanila.com!


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