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N° of Little Italy in BGC: Nolita is the Pizza Parlor to be!

On weekends, we binge eat!

And when it comes to pizza, pasta, and burger – Nolita tops our list!


A New York style pizza, burger joint conveniently located at Central Square BGC, Nolita (N° of Little Italy) has become a comfort food haven for food adventurers like you and me! So whether you’re on a cheat day or stressed out from a long, busy afternoon at work, Nolita is the pizza parlor to be!

Let Reverb Manila show you why.


Although Nolita may not be easily seen from the ampitheater (especially on broad daylight), it isn’t so hard to find. Just take the stairway from Crystal Jade and voila, you’re at BGC’s version of N° of Little Italy.


Line up and pick from the menu.


You can order your pizza by the slice. We were greeted by an overwhelming list of flavors that are sure to pique anyone’s curiosity. Available flavours are Pesto Grilled Chicken with Sundried Tomato, Pepperoni, Cheeseburger, Wild Mushroom Walnut with Blue Cheese or Ricotta, Spinach and Artichoke, Spicy Italian Sausage, Regular Cheese, Shrimp Carbonara, Buffalo Chicken with (or without) Blue Cheese, Chicken Parmesan, Sausage Mushroom Pepperoni, and Roasted Veggies with (or without) Chicken.

Too overwhelming, it took us forever to order.


Of course, your slice of pizza won’t be enough. So pair it with a burger…


Or pasta, or even dessert!

But if you want to go all light, Nolita also has some greens in store for you.


The pizza counter and all sorts of pizza pies.


And if after everything we’ve just listed and shown above still can’t help you decide, you can actually make your own pizza! Customize your basic pies by adding your favorite toppings.


As for our case, picking was the hardest part – given the variety of pizzas to choose from  – but the rest was all convenient. Just pay for your meal at the counter then find a seat. Your food will be served in about five minutes. The staff were accommodating, by the way.


We’re so loving the warm ambiance.  We chose to sit by this area because it offers a picturesque view of the entire diner.

What did we order?

Nolita-Reverb-Manila-PizzaOne slice of Pesto Grilled Chicken Pizza.

Nolita-Reverb-Manila-All-Angus-Cheese-Burger-2An Angus All Beef Medium Rare Mozarella Cheese Burger with fries!


One bowl of Pesto Mascarpone Pasta and a slice of Shrimp Carbonara Pizza!

Finally. Time to eat!


The slices we ordered were just as delicious as they are in pictures, but they surely weren’t as filling when eaten on their own. Pairing it with your choice of grub will definitely satisfy your craving. For us, the Angus All Beef Cheese Burger and the Pesto Mascarpone Pasta did the trick.

The better cheese? The mozarella cheese added onto the Angus beef burger already tasted too familiar that the mascarpone in the pesto pasta suddenly felt refreshing to the tastebuds. It instantly became a new favorite; it was perfect! I think it’s the kind of cheese that would taste good with anything!

All in all, our busy Saturday afternoon felt like it deserved a heavy, carbo-loaded meal. And if you’re wondering if it’s one of those food places you’ll keep going back to?



Yes! We’ll definitely be back when we’re around the area. Make Nolita one delicious habit!


Even better news for BGCitizens. Nolita now delivers around The Fort BGC! For deliveries, call (02) 478 7091 or 519 7103!

Craving for a different kind of pizza? Visit Nolita at 7th Ave. corner 29th Street South, Bonifacio High Street Central, Bonifacio Global City!

Where do you want Reverb Manila to eat next? Leave a comment below.

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How We Randomly Celebrated National Siblings Day 2015

It’s gonna be a long summer break, and my brother is raring for new things to try!

I decided to bring him to the Satchmi Vinyl Day concert since I was absolutely sure I was going. It was easily the perfect, if not most hipster, way to celebrate National Siblings Day. Thing is, neither of us knew it was National Siblings Day until my friend took notice and reminded me the moment she saw us at the venue. It was pure coincidence, I thought to myself.

It was a rather cute coincidence. The afternoon soon turned into an evening of discovery and discography. The audience was spoiled with overflowing ice cream, floats, and a smorgasbord of eargasmic tunes from Satchmi’s awesome lineup of bands!

The following morning. We woke up late, and there we were: laying still, imagining how we could possibly get past the hangover Satchmi’s concert had brought upon us.


Our Last Concert Syndrome: Satchmi Vinyl Day 2015! Tandems ’91 and Jensen and the Flips are my new favorites! He’s digging Ang Bandang Shirley and Cheats! (Photos and videos will be up soon!)

Re-listening to their live performances made it a lot easier for us to cram all of our chores into two hours.

Earlier in the afternoon though – when the weather outside was just about right – we headed out to SM Aura to go to church and practice photography.


The view from 5F SM Aura. He’s developing a good eye for detail.


Seeing the Samsung Hall reminds me of Echosmith! They’re returning to Manila for a full concert this August!


His OOTD. Patterns!

After a couple of snapshots outdoors, we decided to find that one restaurant neither of us hadn’t tried yet. It was especially hard; we were simply too overwhelmed by the lineup of restaurants on the 5th floor. Both our tummies couldn’t decide on which craving to satisfy, but the very moment we caught glimpse of Magnum Cafe, we knew it – Let dessert come first.


The Magnum Cookie Dough Skillet is basically a warm cookie chocolate chip cookie dough topped with two vanilla Magnum bars, dark chocolate, and chopped pecans.


I had no doubt the presentation was going to be just as great as the photo in their menu.


And poof, it’s gone! Just like that. We were also kinda warming up to Pink Friday, but we made the right decision not to binge order; one was more than enough. We can save Pink Friday for next time!

Despite all the randomness, I’m glad that my brother had quite an amazing time here, and although he’s headed back home tomorrow, I’m pretty sure he’s going home with a handful of firsts – a beautiful memory of this particular weekend. I trust that he’ll have better taste in music, and he’ll definitely look forward to our next food adventure.

I must say this has been the best sibling bonding to date – much sweeter than any Magnum dessert can offer!

How did you spend your weekend with your brothers and sisters?

Share your #NationalSiblingsDay story with us.

‘Til the next National Siblings Day!