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Hit Comedy Musical ‘Rak of Aegis’ Version 4.0 is Coming Your Way

Seventeen nominations at Philstage Gawad Buhay 2014 is not surprising for a hit comedy musical like Rak of Aegis. After achieving a record-breaking 135 shows in its three runs last year, PETA would be making a mistake not bringing the crazy gang from Villa Venizia back as it kicks off its 48th season. Rak of Aegis Version 4.0 promises to bring in a lot of elements to look forward to and more. Fans and first-timers are expected to flood the theater for this record-breaking hit that is set to open this month!

Breakout Kapuso star Aicelle Santos, and 2009 WCOPA Champion Kim Molina come back as Aileen; the promodizer with big dreams to raise her family from the knee-deep floods that have plagued their town for months. This all-Filipino, all-original musical features songs from the iconic band Aegis, with a star-studded ensemble on an award winning, must-see set. Reverb-Manila-Rak-of-Aegis-13

Rak of Aegis is considered a milestone for the theater company and indeed, for Philippine theater. In 2014 alone it has garnered over 16 citations for performance and technical categories including: Outstanding Original Musical, Outstanding Ensemble Performance for a Musical, Stage Direction for a Musical (Maribel Legarda), Original Libretto (Liza Magtoto), Musical Direction (Myke Salomon), Choreography (Gio Gahol), Costume Design (Carlo Pagunaling), Sound Design (Salomon and Happy Constantino), Set Design (Mio Infante), Female Lead Performance in a Musical (Aicelle Santos and Joan Bugcat), Female Featured Performance in a Musical (Kalila Aguilos) and Male Featured Performance in a Musical (Myke Salomon, Pepe Herrera, Jerald Napoles and Juliene Mendoza)

The cast of Rak has also enjoyed several new projects in between runs: Poppert Bernadas who plays Aileen’s suitor Kenny was recently seen in The Voice Philippines, while Pepe Herrera (Tolits) enjoys a stint in the romcom TV series, Forevermore. Reverb-Manila-KPANLL-2 Singer Kim Molina also breaks into the theater scene with production after production, most recently in Kung Paano Ako Naging Leading Lady by Dalanghita Productions. This run also welcomes many new neighbors to Barangay Venizia. Actor and singer Lorenz Martinez plays Aileen’s father Kiel, opposite Lani Ligot (Priscilla Queen of the Dessert; Broad Way, Narrow Way) who plays Mercy, Aileen’s mother; The Company’s Sweet Plantado also joins the cast as Mary Jane. The ensemble is joined by PETA artist-teacher Roi Calilong (D’ Wonder Twins of Boac, PAMANA), and Teetin Villanueva (MANHID, Maxie the Musical). Reverb-Manila-Rak-of-Aegis-9 The cast also sees the return of talented ensemble members made up of Stella Mendoza (Mary Jane), Kakai Bautista and Neomi Gonzales (Mercy), Jerald Napoles (Tolits), Myke Salomon (Kenny), Nor Domingo, Julienne Mendoza, and Gie Onida (Fernan), Phi Palmos, Ron Alfonso, and Jimmy Marquez (Jewel), Gimbey dela Cruz, Abi Sulit, Gab Pangilinan, Jet Barrun, Gio Gahol, Carlon Matobato, John Moran, Paeng Sudayan, and Kakki Teodoro (Ensemble). Rak of Aegis The play runs from June 17 to August 16, 2015, from Tuesdays to Fridays (8PM) and Saturdays to Sundays (3:00pm and 8:00pm) at the PETA Theater Center located at No. 5 Eymard Drive, New Manila, QC. Tickets are available via, 891-9999. For more information contact PETA at 725-6244 or 0917-5765400, or visit


The Six Things We Love About Sixteen Bars’ Broadway Open Mic

Don’t you wish we could all just sing through our lives the way characters from musicals do? Imagine bursting into song when you’re angry, falling or keeping yourself from falling madly in love, or fighting tirelessly for what you believe in? Just imagine what these emotions would sound like…

In reality, you don’t get to meet a cute boy or girl and start singing about him or her while you’re walking down the street. You’d be crazy. The world we live in simply isn’t that kind of stage. That’s why we spend thousands of pesos just to see these theater productions, to ultimately and hopefully (re)discover ourselves. I remember shedding a few tears when I watched Phantom of the Opera a few years ago; it was the first Broadway musical I got to see with a dear friend who taught me to appreciate musicals.

At the end of the day, no amount of singing in the shower or Dubsmash-ing to your all-time favorite songs can ever fully express your love for Broadway theater. So when an opportunity like Sixteen Bars’ announcement of Broadway Open Mic comes knocking on your musical door, how can one say no?

So what is Broadway Open Mic?

Sixteen Bars April 25

Broadway Open Mic is a Broadway-themed open mic session organized by Sixteen Bars at DITO: Bahay ng Sining. For only P 150.00, you get a free drink and sing a Broadway song of your choice with a piano accompaniment, thanks to Jeruel. You can sing it on your own, with a friend, or with a group.

Reverb-Manila-Broadway-Open-Mic (8)

A month leading up to April 25, Sixteen Bars and DITO: Bahay ng Sining had been reaching out to Broadway theater fans in Manila to join the activity. It sounded exciting, and a lot of these guys must have felt the same way.

Having mustered the courage to attend and participate, some arrived in pairs while others, in groups. Some were in the company of friends and family; some were strangers – but not for too long.

6 | I’m loving the venue. I had lived in Marikina for a good four years, so I can’t help but get all sentimental whenever I visit the area. Marikina has improved ever since. Tempting food places have been sprouting like mushrooms here and there. But to have an art cafe like DITO: Bahay ng Sining? Now that’s something I wish that had existed years ago. DITO is conveniently located along J. Molina Street, Concepcion, Marikina.

It’s so easy to grow fond of its cozy vibe. It’s like one of those favorite spots you and your friends keep going back to just because it feels like another home away from home.

Reverb-Manila-Broadway-Open-Mic (3)
DITO Bahay ng Sining.
Reverb-Manila-Broadway-Open-Mic (4)
The view of the ceiling.
Reverb-Manila-Broadway-Open-Mic (5)
Reminds me of Phantom of the Opera and Beauty and the Beast.

5 | Witness and capture a variety of Broadway song performances. Potential participants had a couple of weeks to prepare for their weapons of choice – their voices and music sheets.

Reverb-Manila-Broadway-Open-Mic (15)
Channeling Boy and Girl of Once the Musical.

Some saved digital copies of their music sheets in their mobile devices. Well, some dressed to look and play the part. One brought her music teacher, and a few others brought their instruments with them.

Reverb-Manila-Broadway-Open-Mic (7)

Reverb-Manila-Broadway-Open-Mic (12)

Reverb-Manila-Broadway-Open-Mic (13)

Somebody to Love – We Will Rock You

There was also an element of surprise to the whole experience. You want to keep guessing what they’re going to sing. Sometimes, the first note to a familiar tune can start a chorus later on.

Reverb-Manila-Broadway-Open-Mic (11)

Surprisingly, the crowd was able to witness a wide variety of song performances from hit musicals, such as: Les Miserables, Little Women, In the Heights, Rock of Ages, Wicked, The Little Mermaid, We Will Rock You, Sound of Music, The Last Five Years, Rent, Once, Phantom of the Opera, among others. For a theater noob like me, the activity allowed me to discover some broadway songs for the first time.

4 | Get to hang out with an appreciative and supportive crowd. Another thing I really love about the whole experience is having to be around such a warm and supportive audience. It’s okay to sing as if you’re right there in the shower, without a care in the world. And even though you may end up singing offkey because you’re nervous, that’s alright. You know they’ll be there to sing along.

Reverb-Manila-Broadway-Open-Mic (9)
This cute girl sang Popular from Wicked.

Edelweiss – Sound of Music

3 | Meet new friends. It was also an evening of friendship and of meeting new people who share the same passions and interests. What a way to spend your Saturday night!

Reverb-Manila-Broadway-Open-Mic (14)
Happiness is walking hand in hand.

Falling Slowly – Once the Musical

2 | Surprise, surprise! There’s an upcoming reprise and a prize! Due to its successful first session, Sixteen Bars announced another round right away, this time in collaboration with Pulp Live World for Idina Menzel’s upcoming concert in the Philippines. So calling the attention of all Idina Menzel fans out there! Now’s your chance to Moo with Sixteen Bars! Here’s how:

Moo with Me

For Good – Wicked

1 | Who forgets their first Broadway Open Mic Experience, anyway? No one. It was another evening of firsts. I got to visit DITO and catch Sixteen Bars’ broadway-themed open mic session for the first time. My friends and I thought the whole experience was all worth it.

Don’t Stop Believing – Rock of Ages

All in all, there was this indescribable magic, the warmth the venue had to offer. There was something in the air that brought the people close, and friends and family even closer.

Reverb-Manila-Broadway-Open-Mic (6)

Here’s to more Broadway Open Mic sessions in the near future! And next time, you know the drill. Maybe we’ll all get to see each other again in this beautiful, little world that is DITO. Next round is on May 29, so save the date!

How was your #BroadwayOpenMic experience? Share your thoughts with us by leaving a comment below.

Ten Reasons Why ‘Sabel, Love and Passion’ is Not Your Average Musical

Sabel-ReverbManila-(6) Sabel, Love and Passion: A Musical Production is an original Filipino musical inspired by the life of National Artist for Visual Arts Benedicto ‘BenCab’ Cabrera‘s long-time muse, the crazy dancing lady named Sabel. Throughout his artistry, BenCab created numerous variations of Sabel. And the thought of a Sabel variation as a musical constantly challenged BBC journalist, art collector, BenCab’s friend, and brainchild of this project Rico Hizon since 2003.


Hizon, who graced the audience with a short introduction prior to the much-awaited showcase, candidly shared that everything started over a decade ago, when they saw in a coffee-table book a feature on dancers interpreting Sabel at the Cultural Center of the Philippines. Sabel, a musical, he asked himself. He then turned to musical director and composer Louie Ocampo, who then went to Director Freddie Santos. The challenge was, indeed, accepted. However, amidst several talks of a production, the musical had not seen light until April of this year. Finally, last Thursday (April 30), thanks to the collaborative work pursued by Ocampo and Santos, and everyone behind BenCab’s 50 Creative Years, a sea of guests flocked to the Theater at Solaire to witness the successful World Premier Gala of Sabel, albeit the heavy traffic caused by the coinciding concert that evening.

View this post on Instagram

So this just happened.. ❤️ #Sabel #BenCab

A post shared by Iza Calzado (@missizacalzado) on

Reverb Manila first found out about the production when Ms. Iza Calzado started posting tidbits about Sabel via her Instagram account over a month ago. And although only a few articles surfaced in the weeks that followed, we had to rely on the cast members to spoil us with updates regarding the progress via social media.

We knew instantly that Sabel, Love and Passion: A Musical Production was relevant.

For those who missed out, Reverb Manila gives you ten reasons why Sabel is not your average musical production.

10 | In a world where even visual art has gone digital, it’s quite hard to find avenues that strike a balance between modern and traditional visual art forms. However, the production had allowed its viewers to experience the best of both worlds, in fact even marrying other art forms imaginable – song, ballet, poem – which all came together as one grand production that is Sabel.


The stage employed a rather minimalist design, consisting of asymmetrical canvasses that were assembled to frame and add dimension to the stage. It was beautiful enough being simple. But wait until it drastically transforms through the help of strong imageries projected via LCDs, transporting us to different eras, unraveling the deepest emotions in the story. There was even a scene where the paintings projected on the panel would follow the young character Miguelin‘s hand as he painted on the canvass. It was refreshing to have witnessed such visual effects.

9 | It’s the only time you get to see all of BenCab’s works since most, if not all, of them now belong to somebody else.

Sabel-ReverbManila (3)
Lo and behold! The stage drastically transforms into a BenCab masterpiece. From simple asymmetrical shaped panels, these instantly turn into a collection that depicts the national artist’s numerous interpretations of Sabel.

8 | Iza Calzado makes a grand theater debut. In her Instagram account, Calzado said: “I am over the moon with joy because I’m finally doing my first theater/stage production! Though it is not exactly a straight play I think it’s a great start to doing stage work. Yes, I am still nervous but I hope my angels guide me so I can give a heartfelt performance on Thursday. Here with me in the photo is Bianca Trocino from the Philippine Ballet Theatre dancing as Sabel. She is amazing on stage. And so are Antoinette Taus and Aicelle Santos who will be the voice(s) of Sabel. Brilliant Women! Together I hope we get to bring Sabel to life! See you at Solaire at 8pm on Thursday.”

Iza Calzado clad in a flowy cape by Rajo Laurel.

She’s a mainstream success as a TV/Film actress, but the beautiful Calzado was such a delight even onstage. She delivered deeply moving narrations that made us shed a few tears here and then, and we’re pretty sure the audience, too, felt her joy, her pain, her longing through every word and movement. Iza’s angels had, indeed, guided her well throughout the night.

7 | The Power of Dance. It’s one of those few musicals that put the spotlight on dancers. 

The Philippine Ballet Theatre as amazon warriors during war.

We seldom get to see a musical that gives an amazing amount of credit to dancing since productions tend to focus more on the singing aspect to judge if a musical is good over all. It was great to see these ballet dancers dominate the stage. They were composed of very young and talented individuals who are part of the Philippine Ballet Theatre, by the way. They stood out on their own, without being overshadowed by the stellar voices behind each of the main characters.

Audie Gemora sings Look at Her for the first time.

6 | You’ve got a Triple A powering all-original compositions plus two balladeers to complete an outstanding vocal showcase.

Former child star Antoinette Taus lends her voice to the Young Sabel.

TRIPLE A. Theater veteran and Audie Gemora, Former child star Antoinette Taus, and Rak of Aegis’ Aicelle Santos exceeded expectations in their moving solo performances of Look at Her, In Love, and Smoke and Mirrors.  Balladeers theater veteran Bo Cerrudo and The Voice of the Philippines Season 1 contestant Timmy Pavino excellently lent their voices to the characters of Luis and Miguelin respectively, alongside Philippine Ballet Theatre’s Ian Ocampo and Matthew Davo.

The promising Timmy Pavino and Matthew Davo as Miguelin.

5 | Put two bigwigs in the live performance industry Mr. Freddie Santos and Mr. Louie Ocampo together as director and musical director and you get a production that’s no less than world-class.

Standing ovation. The cast with the Direk Freddie Santos, Musical Director Louie Ocampo, and BenCab.

Kudos to a masterfully written narrative poetry by Direk Freddie Santos and musical direction by lyricist and composer Mr. Louie Ocampo.

4 | The storyline screams Pinoy. It’s pretty simple yet it works.

Miguel and Consolacion

The plot is simple and realistic for anyone to understand and relate with. The audience didn’t need to rack their brains to understand what the story was about. The story has a certain teleserye twist to it. It would reveal how the motherless protagonist would lose her father in his sickness, fall in love and get her heart broken by a man who abandoned her. Her misfortune drives her mad, causing her to abandon her son. It would then take years for them to find each other. Oftentimes a family memento would help, which in this case, was in the form of a necklace. See, these elements make the material unmistakably and genuinely Pinoy. The values demonstrated by these characters are very much reflective of the Filipino culture, with emphasis on often abstracted concepts, such as: family, love, hope, and resilience.

3 | So we just mentioned that the story was simple; and yet, Sabel had to be portrayed by five characters.

It’s now all Smoke and Mirrors. Philippine Ballet Theatre’s Bianca Trocino and Rak of AegisAicelle Santos offered a harrowing performance of Sabel gradually losing her mind.

The material somewhat reminds you of Katy the Musical. If you would recall, Katy’s character was divided into three in order to define a particular stage in the character’s life. The intricate dimensions of Sabel’s character inevitably required that she be played by not just three but five characters (as narrating, dancing, and singing Sabels) to walk the audience through Sabel’s colorful journey from being a motherless child, losing her father, falling victim to war, to falling madly in love, and becoming a mother.

2 | The songs used in the production have the makings of a classic. The lyrics to each song was poetically written yet easily understandable. The songs had a lot of recall, thanks to their beautiful melodies. The emotions created were ripe; and the songs, undeniably heartfelt. Our personal favorites are Look at Her and Smoke and Mirrors.

The Finale. Pavino, Taus, Gemora, Santos and Cerrudo belting out the Reprise of Look At Her.

Sabel is born and raised by her father Miguel played by Philippine Ballet Theatre’s Lemuel Capa.

1 | We finally answer the question, Who is Sabel? Long before she became the crazy bag lady slash taong grasa, and the muse behind BenCab’s artistry, she was a woman who loved to dance. The story introduces a beautiful love story between Miguel and Consolacion, who would then give birth to Sabel. Since she was born at a critical time of Philippine history, we would experience with her the unfolding of several historical events. It was a difficult time for a lot of Filipinos, and Sabel was no exception.

The Dancing Sabel was played by two soloists, mainly by Philippine Ballet Theatre’s Bianca Trocino.

As Consolacion abandoned her and her father, Miguel was left to raise the helpless Sabel on his own. But the misfortune did not end there. Still very young and unaware of the dangers of the world, Sabel would lose her father after he suffered from a serious health condition, leaving poor Sabel to figure out her life through the next few decades, alone.

Sabel-ReverbManila- (8)
The world stopped. Young Sabel and Luis fell in love.

She would live through the World War II as a warrior, a comfort woman to the enemy soldiers, a nightclub headliner in the cabaret era, and a lover…

Darkness ensues. Sabel lets us into a world created by her despair.

We also  learn that even love can destroy you through and through. When Luis left her, both unaware that she was bearing his child – their child, her life began to fall apart. She had lost herself. A deranged woman would now take to the streets in search of scraps of plastic she finds and piece them together into something she could wrap around her body. It was a beautiful symbolism; Sabel wanders off to pick up the missing pieces of herself that was wasted away.

BenCab saw through her. She had many dimensions to her life. No wonder she’s come to be a recurring image in his works as a visual artist. Sabel-ReverbManila-(13)

We saw through her, too. We can no longer perceive Sabel as the deranged lady who wandered off to nowhere. Sabel was a courageous woman whose spirit may have been crushed due to several unfortunate, heartbreaking moments in her life, but what we need to remember is that, Sabel had loved passionately – even foolishly – with all her heart. Only, she’s lost so much in her life that she in turn lost herself. The story offers stark insights on the dangers of loving selflessly. We can lose ourselves. But life also teaches us that hope abounds – that anything lost can be found.


That’s why Sabel is a story of hopeSabel had the happy ending her heart truly deserved, as she reunited with a father she thought she had lost, and her son whom she had long abandoned.

And that, my fellow theater fans, is why Sabel, Love and Passion is not your average musical.

Tessa Prieto-Valdez joins the crazy-talented bunch.
National Artist for Literature F. Sionil Jose
Congratulations! Hizon, Ocampo, Santos and BenCab with the cast.

Sabel, Love and Passion: A Musical Production will hold its rerun at the Music Museum on June 26 and 27. And we dare all brave souls who have loved and lost to witness a compelling story you’ll forever remember. Get to know Sabel, and join Mr. Cabrera as he continues celebrating 50 remarkable years as visual artist.

Sabel-ReverbManila (2)

Catch it while you can! We can’t wait for you to share with us what you think.


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Knowing There Will Be Only One Night with Cynthia Alexander

It was summer of 2008 when I first heard her chilling performance of Comfort in your Strangeness via YouTube.

I fell in love instantly.

But just when I’d started working and been given all the opportunity in the world to watch her perform at her usual places like Conspiracy Garden Cafe, I had my heart broken when I learned she was leaving for the US in 2012.

Three years later, I’d almost failed to catch her again after missing out on her comeback gig at the recently concluded Jack Daniel’s Philippines Indie Music Awards Night held at Whitespace Makati.


While I was tuning in for online photo and video updates on her comeback stint, OPM made an announcement that she’d be holding a solo concert at Teatrino at Promenade, Greenhills,

Cynthia Alexander

It was the intimate four-hour concert any Cynthia Alexander fan could ever wish for. I had to be there.

Here’s what went down during her concert:

Cynthia-Alexander-Reverb-Manila (22)

Cynthia-Alexander-Reverb-Manila (13)

The requests would go on and on into the night.

Alexander is an independent singer, songwriter, composer, arranger and multi-instrumentalist – making her the ultimate musician/artist to date. Her musical journey as a folk/ethnic artist was reflected in her albums, which include: Insomnia & Other Lullabyes (1997), Rippingyarns (2000), Comet’s Tail (2005) and Walk Down the Road (2009).

Cynthia-Alexander-Reverb-Manila (1)

Cynthia-Alexander-Reverb-Manila (15)

Multi-instrumental. Oh, the variety of sounds created by these instruments!

Cynthia-Alexander-Reverb-Manila (9)

Performance Art at its best. The mixed art collaborations that night were beautiful as well as inspiring.

Cynthia-Alexander-Reverb-Manila (12)

Cynthia-Alexander-Reverb-Manila (23)

Mingawon Linaw’s graceful interpretation of a Maningning Miclat/Joey Ayala composition Dumaan Ako.

Cynthia-Alexander-Reverb-Manila (21)

Cynthia-Alexander-Reverb-Manila (10)

Asha Peri fluttering by as Alexander performed Dragonfly.

Cynthia-Alexander-Reverb-Manila (8)

The energy back there was incredibly contagious.

Cynthia-Alexander-Reverb-Manila (2)

Vivian Nocum Limpin’s Filipino translation segment was awkwardly funny.

Cynthia-Alexander-Reverb-Manila (3)

And you were seriously funny.

Cynthia-Alexander-Reverb-Manila (20)

The ending involved a special participation from Razorback’s Kevin Roy.

Cynthia-Alexander-Reverb-Manila (6)

As if one song wasn’t enough, Roy and Alexander gave the audience an encore performance to remember.

Cynthia-Alexander-Reverb-Manila (19)

Cynthia-Alexander-Reverb-Manila (17)

Cynthia-Alexander-Reverb-Manila (14)

Cynthia-Alexander-Reverb-Manila (18)

Cynthia-Alexander-Reverb-Manila (16)

Kudos to the members of the band! CJ Wasu, Jonathan Urbano, Grace Bugayong, Malou Matute, and Zach Lucero

Cynthia-Alexander-Reverb-Manila (7)

Feel the Love. The audience missed her terribly.

She didn’t want to say goodbye. We didn’t want to, either. But I knew, she knew, we all knew the concert was bound end. She had one last gig at Conspiracy Garden Cafe last April 25 then went back to the US last Monday.


To the woman who continues to be an inspiration to so many artists out there.

Happiest birthday to you, Cynthia Alexander!

Thank you for sharing with us your music! Mabuhay ka!

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#PalakasinangOPM: Girl Power (Pocket Performances)

March 14, 2015 – It’s been a month since OPM (Organisasyon ng mga Pilipinong Mang-aawit) rocked the Bonifacio Highstreet Ampitheater with a hefty lineup of solo acts and successfully pulled off collaborations. But before the 8 p.m. show, there was a series of pocket performances that were actually just as awesome.

OPM Pocket Performances

I decided to swing by a little earlier to get the feel of the event and catch some the afternoon sets. I was fortunate enough to witness four powerhouse ladies perform (hence the title Girl Power). Each gifted with their unique vocal prowess and sound, they actually have a few things in common – they’re all singers, songwriters, and instrumentalists!

Reverb Manila OPM Aicelle Santos

First up was my favorite power-belter slash pianist turned stage actress Aicelle Santos. I arrived at the venue just in time for her live rendition of Ikaw Pa Rin, off her debut album Make me Believe.

Former La Diva member Aicelle has been generating quite a buzz in the world of theater ever since she got shortlisted for the role of Gigi in Miss Saigon. Shortly after, she made her theater debut as Teen Katy in Katy the Musical and Aileen in the phenomenal Rak of Aegis, winning her first Aliw award for best actress in a musical. After recently staging her first solo concert in PETA last February, she’s set to take part in a historic musical Sabel, Love and Passion this April.

Reverb Manila OPM Indian Girl

I was standing beside this pretty little girl – unfazed by the summer sun – as she watched Aicelle sing her latest single Kapangyarihan ng Pag-ibig.

Tambay tayo. Tawagin niyo akong Aia.

ReverbManila OPM Aia de Leon

Hey there, Aia! Returning to the OPM scene is former vocalist and co-founder of Imago, Aia de Leon – and yes, she is back.

The thought of Imago always leaves me feeling quite nostalgic about college since their music defined that particular time in our lives. Plus they would often play for a lot of our school events. Admittedly, I was a bit sad to accept her part ways with Imago (especially after seeing her audition for The Voice of the Philippines). On a much lighter note, a happier Aia reenters the industry as a solo artist, and she’s promoting her new single Tao Lang. Her sound may have changed. But to me, different in this context is good. I’m pretty sure her fans are just as happy to see her back. For good.

One of the great things I love about watching concerts is the opportunity to hear new sounds from artists I have not yet heard of. And two of them were rising artists Mei Cruz and Cucay Pagdilao.

Reverb Manila OPM Mei Cruz

Emerging pop artist Mei Cruz may be a pretty familiar face on YouTube. She’s done a number of notable acoustic covers. All in all, I enjoyed her pop rock vibe during her set with OPM. Her brand new single Hibang is quite an easy listen. It also kinda reminds me of of Moonstar88’s Migraine?

Check out her music video here. She might just be a new addition to your OPM playlist.

Reverb Manila OPM Cucay Pagdilao

Another new artist Cucay Pagdilao is bound to conquer the local pop, ballad and alternative genre. She was rocking the satellite stage with her enamel white keytar! This classically trained independent artist had some undeniable stage presence so I had to step out into the sun to watch her acoustic set. I want to see her play the piano, though. From what I’ve gathered, she has finished working on her album Music, Lyrics and Longing.

 Check out her song Nala (Ikaw Pa Rin):

My accidental girl-power coverage offered a good balance between mainstream and emerging artists. They’ve got the passion and beauty with the vocal power to match!

So who’s your new favorite OPM artist? Leave a comment below.

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